The Center of the Great Goddess

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The building design

From the moment you arrive here, you know you're somewhere special. We have designed the property to be a typical India farm property, with a year old garden with various fruit tree and flowering plant. An opportunity to visit the villages around and experience their life style, this it self will help us to tap into our simple nature. The happy nature, filled with love and grace.


Clean, simple, elegant and very specious rooms with students in mind rather then holiday makers, and not forgetting westerners requirements. In short it is not a typical India ashram accommodation facility, with comfortable natural beds, and fresh linen, all 100 % cotton material used.

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accommadation, for western taste

En suites have showers and large baths, big enough for two to four persons.

Guest facilities

Comfort, and rest are the priorities here, so we are equipped with lots of books, magazines, music, and quiet corners for a good read or a chat with friends. There are no TVs or phones (except in the office)
We have a large (40 x 40) meditation Hall, which is very cool, open all day.

Dining and Meals

Fresh healthy food is obviously a key element of natural health - but don't take that for bland, dull meals, but offer the full ray of tasteful food as required by Ayurvedic medicine. Our menus are a combination of high quality fresh vegetable and grains, some from our organic garden and others from local suppliers. We have a pot of chai in the kitchen brewing all the time, spring-water. Special diets can be catered for on request. All food is supervised by Sri Param who was 4 star rated chef for many successive years in Australia in the mid 80s. All guests are required to participate in preparation of food, as part of the program.

All meals are served informally, and sometimes with many local village kids, so that you also get a taste of village life in India.

Sample menu during the program, with daily new menu.

As we do not use chili in the food, it suite all western pallet both children and adults, yet maintaining the Ayurvedic requirements. We recommend parents to bring their children to the training. We do cook dishes such as pasta and pancakes for the kids. As we only charge parents a nominal sum for kids, all extra requirements have to be met by the parents.


Freshly-made fruit juice Orange or apple, carrot, self made and served, muesli, cereals, yogurts

Chai, toast, jams or fresh fruit


Fresh fruit platter


Beetroot with fresh coconut done in lightly in a gentle spicy sauce
Potato, Tomato and eggplant cooked in spicy cream of tamarind sauce served on a bed of red rice

Yogurt and fresh fruit

Range of herbal teas, black teas and Chai (India spiced tea) is available all day. Although we do not encourage too much blank tea, we still have it available.

During the first three month, we see the program as a preparation ground to help all to gradually progress into serious sadhana. Tantra shastra take human and the world as they are and not as what they should be. It take into consideration his or her totality and all parts of the being is given their due share in the sadhana. Humans are considered as the offspring of earth and Heaven, matter and spirit.

The garden and the surrounding

As the garden is only one year, all plants are young, yet colorful year round - the surrounding area is full of native birds and the main feature is beautiful peacocks. At night, the stars are a rich blanket with two roof areas where one can retreat to bath in the moon light.

We have designed the accommodation to be both spacious and neat, bigger then the average sizes of room enjoyed in the west. Each room is 20"x20' which is rather large, and spacious, big enough to house 6 people, yet we only house 3 to a room. We have 1 bunk bed, and one single in each room.

We have built a large bath, so that when the temperature is high, 12 people can sit in the bath and enjoy a cool lecture.



This will give you an idea as to how the bathroom look like, a very huge bath and western toilets. It is also rather spacious, clean and neat.

We provide space on the roof of the buildings for sun tanning, or just to sleep under the stars.



Visit our project site to see how the project is progressing. Tantra SriChakra Temple and Tantra Teachers Training College building project

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