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Greetings Everyone. The energies are heightening, and the forces within our realms are escalating in many ways. Polarizations of energetics continue to be apparent. Many people are Awakening while others are rejecting the changes and exhibiting contrary behaviors. It is often puzzling to our realities to observe other human beings acting in dark ways. We must remember that we all have the same opportunities for change. We all choose what we will accept and will not accept. We will continue to see an escalation of this polarization as our journeys progress toward returning home.

There are anomalies in the skies. This week we were given a huge golden ring around the sun. This was seen in places thousands of miles apart. The color within the ring was black, yet the sun shone through. A little later a second ring formed, also golden. This second ring began to emanate the most spectacular colors. All that you would see in a rainbow, but not in the correct order. The colors were alive… moving, changing, growing then retracting. At one point the colors shaped into a pair of wings that surrounded the outer ring. Then, a few minutes later, the colors formed a pair of outstretched hands that appeared to be holding the light. It was amazing and lasted for hours. We have seen many things like this in our travels of late. Patches of color, parallel rainbows…not just two but three! All exhibiting the most vibrant living color and movement.

Last week there was an earthquake in Indiana, USA. An eyewitness report that has been circulated online said that just before the earthquake, the power went out. Later there was a NASA film online of an energetic anomaly that looked like a huge ball of electromagnetic energy. It came from outside of our atmosphere and hit… you guessed it… Indiana, USA right when the earthquake began. The source of this invasion is yet to be determined as far as I know as of this writing.

Also this week I was given a new vision of the aftermath of the coming earth changes. It appears that the waters will come further inland than has been previously prophesied. There is a vast difference in this current vision from all of my earlier ones, which until now have been quite consistent.

My point is that we are being given the signs of coming changes. It is clear that we are not doing enough to work together toward our own changes. Our own personal shift and that of our planet. We must work together as One with our intentions to manifest a reality that reaches the reality of our visions. Our visions of peace, of a shift to greater realities are our reality if we intend them to be and we fuel them with the passion in our hearts. We must intend this for the whole, from faith in perfection, not as an individual, romanticized ideal, rather as a solid belief in Oneness.

There are many etheric beings who are coming to guide us, bringing us information in unfamiliar formats, yet there is no need for translation, as they are transferring this information in the Ways of the Beginning. In wholeness of understanding not of words. They are telling us that we are not working fast enough. They have said that there is a celestial gathering taking place. They have come to assist us… are we listening???

We must be open to receiving information and always cautious as to the source. There are wondrous beings available to help us at this time those of the Source, and others who come in love and with Truth, Light. There are others who would give misinformation. Be open, be receptive, and at the same time, always, always, check your source… asks if they come from the light and within the light. If they do, then they are welcome. If they are not, command them to leave. In this way, you accept only truth. You are always in control of your experiences and the accuracy of the information that you accept into your reality.

I have received a few wonderful graphics reflecting the idea of Universal peace, which is what we must promote. Thank you to each of you who have sent your ideas! Each is wonderfully creative! I am still asking for more so keep them coming. I will let you know if any of these work, and as a reminder, the one that is chosen will be featured on my website with a write-up of the artist… or anonymously if you prefer! These will not be shared with anyone without your permission!

I will be traveling next week, and will be sending the next transmission as usual. It may be a day early or a day late since I must have phone access to send these… be patient with me! I will have it to you as close to Wednesday as I can! Thank you!

Have a wondrous week filled with the joy of discovering Truth. Be still and listen. Move and feel the energies. Be in peace. Be only love.



And the Masters come….

Antallah, antui an ta noa And in light you will know all things. Greetings, Dear Ones. We wish to speak to you of Oneness. We wish to tell you how the Oneness is you.

It is that we have often said to you that you are all things and all things being you, yet we have not explained to you how this is so, at least not in fullness.

It is that in the Beginning there was the darkness and there was the light. One cannot be without the other. Within the darkness was a void of consciousness, a sleeping giant of nothingness. Within the light, there was consciousness. The two lived in a dichotomy of sameness. It simply was.

In the Beginning as we speak of, there became an imbalance between that which was darkness and that which was light. As the light, the conscious gained fullness in its existence, as it gained and grew from the experience of being, as the memories of the infinite began to collect, the light began to expand. As the light began to expand, it pushed the darkness. As it is in all things, and as the darkness moved, it began to follow a spiral pattern. As the darkness moved into the spiral, and the light in its own spiral stretched outwardly, there was a moment in cosmic time where the two collided, causing a dispersement of the energies of light and darkness. That which was the light was separated into an infinite number of particles, or particulates, each moving on the path that it began in the moment of the collision. Each particle taking with it a fullness of memory of the whole. The darkness, being heavier, began to reorganize back into the spiral form. As this occurred, the darkness propelled the light even further.

As the light traveled, each particle gained new experience for the whole, for by virtue of its very being; it retained that which it was. The essence of consciousness. And as the consciousness moved outwardly, it began to attract itself, to manifest other light forms, gaseous forms, then solid forms. Each manifestation retaining the memory of its original essence.

And so it is that throughout the eons life in many ways changed its face and form. Yet it was and is always manifested from the original light particles of the One. It is that within the organizations of the manifestations, there occurred a certain regularity of patterning both in the smallest of being and the largest of being.

In such a way, those geometries which later became Sacred began to apply. That which was a refraction of light became the prism, the pyramid. And since light has memory, the pyramids began to repeat themselves, although each was having a different experience, so it arranged its memories differently. In such a way, the energies of the arrangements of light became individual harmonic signatures, for as the energies are expended, they move through the light spectrum, that which contains all colors and all frequencies. When the colors and frequencies were combined, the harmonics were created.

The harmonic forms began to attract and repel each other, dependant upon the messages that were carried from one to the next. The pyramidal structures, each with its own set of harmonics began to organize into sets of energies, that which then became the octahedron. As each octahedron became that which it was, and others became as did others, there occurred a natural ordering of them. As they aligned, they did so holographically, not in linear form. As above, so below, and so it became that what was so in the smallest of truth also became that which was so in the largest of truth. Each above-ness and below-ness carrying the same aspects that they had since the Beginning. Within this arrangement there was left an occurrence of empty spaces, nothingness. As the energies of light, the particles, continued to move and organize, those which had not yet manifested into the geometrics began to become trapped within the nothingness, the null zones. As they moved throughout these corridors of nothingness, these unmanifested particles became the communication system from one octohedronal particulate to the next.

As these particles began to communicate in such a way, the octohedronal particulates began to respond by reorganizing their position in the ordering to change the harmonics of what had become the Whole. So you see, Dear Ones, the Whole has always been, in one form or another. As it is ordered within and of itself, the Whole is created of octohedronal structures that, as above, so below, are both the smallest of particulates and the dimensional realities that you exist within as do all other things on one plane of this structuring or another. You see, the dimensional realities are also octohedronal in structure with null zones between them as well.

Each octohedronally formatted dimension follows the same organizational structure that is found on the smallest scale. In such a way, each dimension is also having its own experience. The farther out the dimension, the more communication of existence it has had since the Beginning, therefore exhibiting higher aspects and concentrations of light. That which is consciousness in these higher dimensions retains the memory of the One. In such a way that is also retained a being-ness of the One. As they have remained in light-ness. The vibrations became changed with the refinement of the harmonics to much higher frequencies. The higher the dimension, the higher the frequency, in the same way as the spiral, the pyramid, the color spectrum. It is all that which is same.

As the harmonics of the particulates began to reorder, there became manifestations based upon the harmonics. Those manifestations began to take shape in both form and formlessness, creating a vastness in differences of manifested format. These formats became the stars, the solar systems, the galaxies, the Universes and so on. These formats became the spaces between the spaces. These formats ultimately became that which is you and all other things. Each and always retaining the memories and the harmonics of the Beginning, of the One. That One which is often referred to as the Father.

The One Continues to expand in its infinite existence, fueling itself with itself. As energy is expended, so it is created. In the process of this continual creation remains the constancy of the principle in patterning. The energies follow the spiral form. Those of the light energies move through the Sacred spiral within the pyramid, those of the dark energies spiral into nothingness, pulling within this spiral that which is a void, pulling at the expansion of the One. And so it is that throughout the eons there will be another collision of that which is and that which is not, and it will recreated once again, manifested reality throughout its reorganization.

And so it is, Dear Ones that each of you is a manifestation of that light which is of the Beginning. And so it is that your consciousness travels the corridors of the null zones as those particles of light, communicating with and changing the state of the One in every given moment. Your consciousness is your unmanifested self. The essence of your true self, that which is light, that which is the Father and that which has been since the Beginning.

In such ways you are all things, all things being you. And so it is that in Truth, you affect all things by your thoughts, your actions, your words, as you exist in the process of the One. Each expenditure of energy of any kind is instantly communication with the One.

When you fuel these energetic expulsions with the passion of emotion, there is created a greater set of energetics, of harmonics, and that which is the particles of the energetics attract themselves in similarity of harmonics, moving with more mass and weight of propulsion within the communication system of the null zones. You are in essence, acting as the Father. You are creating, communicating and determining the outcome of that which you have put forth by virtue of that which you are made.

It is not your thinking or ego selves that are contributive to the nature of this being. These parts of you have evolved throughout recent time toward a perceived necessity of communication and survival as your human organisms began to perceive individualized intelligence. You are truly represented by your consciousness. Your ego and mental selves are evolutionary mirrors of the process of earlier formation of the One as the light particles moved away from the darkness and had not manifested with similar particles to form a wholeness in manifestation. In many ways, your individual perceptions leave you as single particles of light that had been shattered in a moment from the One before they later came back into form by virtue of manifestation. The mental journeying you do, and the emotional travels that you take are not certain in their direction and manifestation or contributive to the whole until that which is your essence carries your intentions into the One for communication with the Whole of All That Is. In such a way, you are moving away from the darkness and remanifesting as light beings. Your awakenings are your harmonics finding similar manifestations within the One.

As these harmonics begin to communicate, you begin to remember as light beings that which you have known since the Beginning. That you are light. That you are all things, all things being you. That God, the Father, Spirit, the Light, the One, whatever name you choose it with in you and outside of you. It is in all things and of all things. That there is nothing that separates you in greatness or in weakness but that which is your mental reasoning or the process of your emotional selves. And it is all nothing but perception. Yours and no others. So to operate in truth of consciousness, to operate as a part of the One, is living in Truth.

To be in any given moment is to be aware of that which is the state of the One in Truth, not perception, for perception changes the Awareness of Truth.

And so it is that in such ways you can change the world in which you live. To consciously correct and change the disharmonics of dysfunction in your world, the manifestations of disharmonic acts, thoughts, movements and other expenditures of energy that have occurred outside of Truth in reality, you simply must become in consciousness (your light selves) that which you intend. In such a way, it is so. It is done.

It is to separate that which is your mental and ego selves from that which is your self in Truth. Simply step aside with your conscious, avoid the logic avoid the drama, and Be, that which you are. Of the Beginning. That which is Light. That which is Eternal Truth. That which is and has always been.

And so it is that which you are is all things, all things being you. You are the essence and the power of the One. You are unlimited in all ways except in those ways you choose to limit yourselves. That which you are is.

We return to light.


©Spirit Light Resources, Rev. Dr. Meg Blackburn 2002 This information is intended for the highest and best good of all beings, and may be freely shared for personal use. Any other purpose of use must be granted permission by author. To receive further transmissions, please add yourself to this e-mail list by contacting the author at spiritlite1@aol.com

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      Meg received her gifts naturally, gradually becoming enlightened to higher consciousness which led to inter-dimensional interaction. In other words, access to the Many Mansions. She has learned to communicate in holographic form and telepathically with Ascended Masters in extremely high dimensions where she learns the intricacies of the Universe and how to apply this knowledge toward learning and healing both herself and others.
      Within this process, Meg has learned to function as it was in the Beginning, working within the Mysteries of the Ancient ways. She has gained admittance the Universal mind for receiving information on most any subject. She receives information with complete detail in many different aspects of study, such as quantum physics, astral physics, biophysics, harmonics and their effects, energy and its applications, alchemy, sacred geometry as applied to the Universal processes, healing procedures as practiced in inter-dimensional realms and the application of these healing processes to the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and ethereal aspects of existence .
      Meg uses her natural intuitiveness and her Seventh Sense for continued expansion of both her awareness and understanding of the Universal processes and how they relate to the here and now as well as the infinite. She has dedicated herself to share this knowledge, these gifts, in an effort to assist in the Awakening process and healing of others.
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